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  2. Be grateful

    "Lose resentments. This harbored anger leads to underlying stress that can be manifested by real somatic or physical ailments. Forgive your exes; forgive your current spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend; forgive your parents, your teachers, yourself, your friends, your dog, etc. Life is short. Move forward, not backward. Be grateful for everything you have. Someone may have it better than you, but millions have it worse than you."

    Dr. Raza Hussain Author of “Stop Being Mediocre: 100 Ways to Become Wealthier, Healthier, and Successful”

  3. Save up some $$

    "Here’s a money-saving tip for the upcoming fall holiday: make your own Halloween costumes. My wife Tracy has made our daughter’s costumes the past few years. One year, she made a skeleton costume that looked identical to one that was for sale in a Pottery Barn catalog for $60. This homemade costume saved us $50! Tracy has also made a butterfly and salt-and-pepper costumes. Don’t be afraid to get creative and have a little fun, while you’re at it!"

    Today’s Richer Life Contributor
    Danny Kofke Author, A Simple Book of Financial Wisdom: Teach Yourself (and Your Kids) How to Live Wealthy with Little Money Salary

  4. Grocery store

    "Not only should you make a list and stick to it when shopping at the grocery store, but you should never go to the grocery store hungry. When you go to the grocery store hungry, everything looks delicious and you will buy all of those sweets and extra items that you normally would not buy. Another tip: Go to the grocery store alone, no children. Children are notorious for wanting everything they see and sometimes it’s hard to resist their pleas."

    Today’s Richer Life Contributor
    Robin Kemp

  5. Prep to dress for success

    " Today’s Tip

    Before attending any event that requires you to wear the formal that has been hanging in the closet for some time, check it for fit, the possibility of requiring alterations, damage from moths, stretching or any other, “oh my…” scenarios. Adjust what you plan on wearing to accommodate alterations at the last minute, as most reputable alterations shops charge a rush fee. I work at a shop that sees too many last minute anxious people who have failed to plan. We do have to sew ‘old fashioned ’ style, even though you think we have Harry Potter’s magic wand. Be considerate of our talents and of our time. Talents are well deserved but you have to admit, we can sew that button back on and you can’t.”

    Today’s Richer Life Contributor Diana LaRussa

  6. Nurture your children with these tips

    " Look inside yourself, nurture your children, and help your family relationships grow with these simple tips for "The Self-Aware Parent."

    Take a hard, honest look within to understand yourself inside and out. No one is perfect. We all have flaws. Know where yours are and be accountable.

    Own up to your personal misgivings in order to develop successful relationships -both personal and professional.

    Think before you speak. You can always take a moment, come back and revisit issues. You can never erase hurtful, critical, and harsh words and tone.

    Create an open discussion. Talking is the glue that holds relationships together.

    Balance love/nurture with setting/holding boundaries.

    Build self-esteem by using words that support and motivate, rather than criticize.

    Equip yourself with coping skills to deal with disappointment. We cannot protect or prevent life’s disappointments. The best we can do is equip ourselves to deal with inevitable life letdowns.

    Never engage in negotiations, bargaining, or deal-making, especially when resolving conflicts. Rather, talk about what you feel and want in the moment. This teaches empathy.”

    Today’s Richer Life Contributor Dr. Fran Walfish Psychotherapist and Author, “The Self-Aware Parent” www.DrFranWalfish.com

  7. Practical advice on saving a little every day

    " Save a little every day. Some people buy their coffee on the way to work. This practice can add up easily to over $100 per month. If you make your own coffee at home, you can save up to $25 a week, which adds up to $1,300 a year!

    Another way to save is to bring your lunch to work. On average, you’ll spend at least $5 eating a fast-food lunch and even more for a sit-down restaurant meal. This adds up quickly.

    You can also save money by purchasing sodas at the store rather than from a vending machine. Some machines charge $1.00 per soda, and I’ve even seen some priced as high as $1.75. I wait until there’s a sale at the grocery store and buy four 12-packs for $12. If you had one soda a day while at work, this would save you almost $200 a year!”

    Today’s Richer Life Contributor Danny Kofke Author, “A Simple Book of Financial Wisdom: Teach Yourself (and Your Kids) How to Live Wealthy with Little Money” www.dannykofke.blogspot.com

  8. Resist the impulse temptation of shopping

    "Make a list before going grocery shopping. It’s sounds easy enough, but it’s called impulse buying for a reason! Most of us have a tough time resisting the temptation to purchase extras while shopping. Without a list you will buy items that you simply do not need. Grocery stores are masterful at placing tempting items at the end of aisles to get your attention. Even worse is when you forget to purchase the actual item you went to the store for in the first place. If you’re cooking at home, pre-plan a rough menu and make a list before going grocery shopping. Getting all the food you need in one trip can help you avoid another unnecessary trip and the temptations that go along with that."

    Today’s Richer Life Contributor Danny Kofke Author, “A Simple Book of Financial Wisdom: Teach Yourself (and Your Kids) How to Live Wealthy with Little Money” www.dannykofke.blogspot.com

  9. A glass of water with lemon!

    "I drink one glass of water with some lemon juice every morning before breakfast. I have read online that it’s a very healthy habit, and that’s why I started doing it. In time, this has helped me each morning to think positive: "I’m not perfect, I can’t manage to do absolutely everything I set my mind to, but at least I’m trying, and little by little, I’ll get there". Looking at my glass with water and freshly squeezed lemon juice (no sugar!) every morning motivates me. Today is a new day. It doesn’t matter if last night I ate a whole lot of fast food or candy. Today I can make healthier decisions!"

    Today’s Richer Life Contributor Diac Sabina Ana

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